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Frequently Asked Questions

What size water butt do I have to have?

Well it is down to personal choice. Obviously the bigger the garden to be watered the larger the water butt litres you will require. For a small average size garden a 500 litre - 1050 litres is ideal. For a larger garden you may require a lot more depending what you want to use the water for e.g. water features or rainwater harvesting.

How will it help me?
A water butt will save you money it is true. When there is drought, hosepipe bands and dry weather periods it can become extremely difficult and expensive to keep your garden, vegetables and plants alive. Having a water butt and saving your own rainwater is not only free, but rainwater is better for your garden than tap water because it don't contain any of the filtration chemicals that drinking water has.

Whats the most popular Size?
We have quite a few popular sellers, mainly ranging between the 500 litres, 800 litres, 1050 litres & 1275 ltrs

How do I know what size rainwater harvesting tank to buy?
Well it really depends on what you want to use the water for and the size house and grounds that you have. A standard typical three bedroom house that has a 25 foot garden would normally need a 2800 Litre water tank. For more advice on rainwater harvesting why not call and talk to one of our rainwater harvesting technical team on 0871 200 2082

Whats the difference with Ecosure water tanks and water butts?
Ecosure Water tanks and water butts are our own product and we rotationally mould then on site to meet the best quality standards. Our company Etills Ltd has just been assessed and approved according to quality management system ISO 9001:2008. We are are rated the best quality amongst our customers who have bought from us. Ecosure Tanks are rotationally molded to last longer than other tanks that are injection moulded. Made from MDEP (Medium Density Polyethylene) a strong and durable plastic that is designed to hold large litres of water. We aim to give our customers complete customer satisfaction in our products.

Installation ?
Water Butts don't need any installation and it's entirely up to you how you set up your water butt because different people have different size and style gardens and requirements. Unfortunately we don't install water tanks ourselves, however any of your local builders will install your water tank for you and we can give advice on recommended installers.

Because all Ecosure products are made on site here in the UK the delivery time is only 3 -5 working days. Next day delivery is available on request.

Where Does The Water Butt Have to Go?

Well your water butt can go anywhere in your garden. Some people like theirs positioned near their house which is near their down pipe. Others prefer their water butts hidden down beside the greenhouse or shed and some people like their water butt to be a part of the display in their garden. As long as where you position your water butt it is on a firm and stable ground or stand where it is unlikely to tip over.

How Does a Rainwater-Harvesting System Work?
There are many different setups for rainwater harvesting depending on whether you are looking for a garden setup, a home setup, commercial rainwater harvesting setup or industrial. Click Here to see our diagrams.

How much do save on costs of water?
Your water butt will save huge costs on water bills. Probably half it especially if you are on a water metre.

What are all Ecosure Products made of?
All are Made from MDEP (Medium Density Polyethylene) a strong and durable plastic that is designed to hold large litres of water.

What can I Use the Water For?
You can use rainwater collection for garden which includes watering and maintaining your plants, vegetables and flowers. Water features, garden ponds, cleaning your car, washing your windows. For the home you can use rainwater collection for your kitchen appliances, shower and toilet.

Can I Connect Other Water Butts to my existing one?
Yes you can this will give you more water.

How Do I connect a Rainwater Diverter to my Water Butt?

Step 1 - Cut a 26mm circular hole 100mm from the top

Step 2 - Taking a level line from the bottom of the hole. Mark the rainwater pipe to be cut.

Step 3 - Cut the rainwater pipe on both marks and fit the rainwater diverter making sure the directional arrow points down. (pipe clips may be needed for support)

Step 4 - Fit tank connector to water butt, making sure rubber washers are on both inside and outside. Extend flexible hose to connect rainwater diverter to water butt. Trim the size if less than 500mm from down pipe.

How To Connect a Tap Kit?

Step 1 - Wrap the outside thread in PTFE Tape (4 revolutions)

Step 2- Wrap the tap thread in PTFE tape (4 revolutions)

Step 3- Screw the Reducer onto the Tap

Step 4- Now screw the tap and reducer into the outlet of the tank.
Be careful not to over tighten.








Etills Ltd has been assessed and approved according to quality management system
ISO 9001:2008; the manufacture and supply of rotationally molded plastic tanks.
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